About Us

The Almightee

[ awl-mahy-tee ]


1)  God of t-shirts (and hoodies, and sweatshirts...and hats)

Pick your favorite design(s) from over 3,000 on this site and put it on virtually anything you want in any color and in any size.  Any questions?  

And no we can't tell you how we do it the same way God doesn't go around telling everyone how miracles happen.  There's a certain element of mystery that must be maintained.  It's a God thing...you wouldn't understand.

If you have ANY custom request, just let us know at sales@thealmightee.co.  Yes we can put any design on the back or side or anywhere else you so desire.  Yes we can do your custom design.  There's literally nothing we can't do...just ask.  After all, we are the God of t-shirts!